Care for the Wild’s 10 Point Ethical Pledge

As a supporter we know that you care where your donations go and how they are spent. As a team we are committed to living by our values and ensuring that your donations are always in line with our, and your, beliefs and values. That’s why we live by a strict 10 Point Ethical Pledge.

Care for the Wild’s 10 Point Ethical Pledge:

  1. We will endeavour to save energy usage at the office through minimising wastage of heating, water and electricity at all times
  2. We will off-set our carbon footprint on all business related international flights
  3. We will always look to use the most environmentally friendly means of transport for meetings, whenever options exist
  4. We will off-set our office carbon footprint by planting plants, shrubs and trees in our garden and car park areas
  5. We will only use environmentally friendly cleaning and household products at the office
  6. We will actively recycle all consumables at the office where facilities exist
  7. We will actively re-use scrap paper where possible within the office
  8. All of our paper for printing, mailings and newsletters will come from certified sustainable sources
  9. All tea, coffee and sugar served at the office will be Rainforest Alliance Certified and Fair Trade and all milk served at the office will be organic (or from sustainable soy beans)
  10. We will only serve vegetarian food at our events, both internal and external, and vegan wine, as we cannot guarantee minimum welfare standards are met when using third party suppliers.

We think it’s important to wear our values on our sleeve and to show our valued supporters that we really care.