Our History

Care for the Wild International was established in 1984 by Dr Bill Jordan. Originally the charity started as a bookshop in Horsham and as it expanded it moved to the founder’s home in Rusper. As the charity grew further we moved to the small hamlet of Kingsfold, on the outskirts of Horsham.

We spent over 10 years at Tickfold Farm in a converted granary building, and at the beginning of 2012 we moved to our current home at 72 Brighton Road in Horsham.

For almost 30 years we’ve been working to Rescue, Protect and Defend animals in need around the globe. We’ve helped numerous projects and charity partners, commissioned research, exposed tourist traps, campaigned and taken direct action. Our results have included changes to legislation, funding of various new enclosures for rescued animals, surgeries and ambulances for British wildlife projects, and even working with the Dalai Lama to ban using tiger and leopard skins in Tibet for robes or ornaments.

You can find out more about our Vision and Values here.