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About CWI
21 years of caring for the wild
Care for the Wild International (CWI) is an animal welfare and conservation charity. We protect wildlife throughout the world from cruelty and exploitation. By funding practical projects we make areas safe for wildlife, rehabilitate sick or injured animals and provide sanctuary for those who cannot return to the wild.
Snow leopards, orangutans, elephants and badgers are just some of the thousands of wild animals that we at Care for the Wild International have helped fight for survival during our 21-year history.
We are a registered charity (Charity # 288802) based in Kingsfold, West Sussex, UK and pride ourselves in our strong track record of getting quick and efficient emergency aid Ė food, veterinary equipment, medicines and housing Ė through to the animals that need it most.
21 years of caring for the wild...
Protecting wild animals
Since 1984 we have distinguished ourselves as a respected international organization which uses solid scientific research as a basis for its work.

Protecting wild areas from poachers, rehabilitating sick and injured animals, and providing sanctuary for those animals which can never be returned to the wild are issues high on our agenda.

In Britain we aid rescue centres and animal protection groups throughout the country, helping a variety of wildlife such as foxes, otters, sea birds, seals and dolphins. Whilst overseas we help projects in Africa, Asia and elsewhere, supporting vital work to protect endangered tigers, elephants, gorillas, turtles, rhinos and many more.
21 years of caring for the wild...

Awareness raising is an important part of our work. We work with local people to shape attitudes towards wildlife conservation in those communities closest to wildlife reserves.

We also use our scientific expertise to campaign for wild animal protection at key forums such as the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and commission important animal welfare and ecological investigations.

To carry out our work, we are completely dependent on the tireless generosity of our 45,000 plus donors and upon the kind support of those who join our animal adoption schemes.


Adoptions. By adopting one of the wild animals on our adoption programme you will not only contribute towards the animalís long-term care, you will also help CWIís vital work to protect animals of the same species in the wild.

Appeals. CWI are regularly faced with desperate pleas for help from the frontline of wildlife protection. Details of the most urgent projects are sent to our supporters to try to raise the necessary funds. Please take a look at our current urgent appeals to see if you can help.

Donate now CWI works for wildlife by supporting more than 40 different projects located all over the world. Your donations help us continue this vital work. Please add your support by making a donation today. Just click on the link above and follow the instructions.

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  • Find out more about the main issues CWI deals with, including the commercial exploitation of wildlife, rescue & rehabilitation and habitat & species protection.

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