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Adopt a Gibbon
After orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos and gorillas, gibbons are often the fifth forgotten ape. Wild gibbon populations, including those of white-handed gibbons like Cosmo, Bridget and their offspring, are steadily decreasing as a result of human encroachment.

Cosmo is a handsome 14 year old male, who was snatched from his native forest into a life of captivity and deprivation before being dumped at a Buddhist Temple when he became older and more difficult to handle. Unaware of his needs, the monks provided Cosmo with food and water, but kept him isolated and neglected, locked in a tiny cage.

Bridget was dragged through busy streets all day as a photo prop for tourists. Her owner finally gave her up to a Care for the Wild sponsored wildlife rescue centre, after a series of raids by Thai police.

Adopt Cosmo and Bridget
Adopt Cosmo and Bridget Thanks to Care for the Wildís Gibbon Adoption, Cosmo and Bridget now share a life of freedom on an island sanctuary and have found comfort in each othersí company. After years of abuse and .. Read more ...

Gibbon Rescue and Rehabilitation
Gibbon Rescue and Rehabilitation
Care for the Wild International (CWI) began resc

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Adoptions and Conservation

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