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Adopt an Elephant
* * * As featured in the BBC's Elephant Diaries programme* * *

Care for the Wild International runs an adoption programme for orphaned elephants in Kenya in conjunction with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT). Most elephants become orphaned as a result of human activities, including poaching, snaring and entrapment in man-made structures.

When very young orphans are rescued, they are taken to the DSWT's nursery in Nairobi National Park. They need 24 hour care and have to be fed every three hours, even through the night. At around a year old the weaning process begins and when the young orphans reach approximately two years of age they are taken to Tsavo East National Park to begin the gradual process of rehabilitation into the wild herds of the park. It is at that time they may be added to our adoption programme. The DSWT has already reintroduced a total of 60 previously injured or lost, grieving orphan elephants into the wild herds in Tsavo East.

By becoming a foster parent you are enabling us to continue improving the lives of orphaned elephants and other displaced or injured animals, and to protect the habitats of their wild counterparts

Click below to see footage of our orphaned elephants in Kenya

Low resolution clip

For just 24.95* you can adopt an elephant for one year.

Packs will be despatched within 10 working days of receipt of order

*plus P&P

Adopt Chemi Chemi
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Adopt Lenana
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Adopt Meibai
Adopt Meibai Meibai was just two years old when he was found wandering on his own in the Meibai conservancy, Northern Kenya. His mother was nowhere to be seen and he was becoming weaker without her milk to .. Read more ...

Elephant orphan sanctuary, Kenya
Elephant orphan sanctuary, Kenya
Care for the Wild International works with the D

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