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Adopt a Rhino
Black rhinos are critically endangered. Populations plummeted by 97% between 1970 and 1992 to just 2,300 as a result of rampant poaching for their horn. Rhino horn is used in traditional Asian medicine, mainly for the treatment of fevers as well as a host of other ailments, and to make the handles of ceremonial daggers in the Middle East. Thanks to increased protection and a ban on international trade in rhino horn the population has risen to around 4,180, yet the threats remain.

Care for the Wild International runs an adoption programme for orphaned black rhinos in Kenya in conjunction with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT). Rescued orphans are brought to the Trustís sanctuary in Nairobi National Park. Several carers take over the day to day care of the little rhinos, acting as their surrogate mothers: feeding them bottles of milk, taking them out to the bush every day and tucking them in at night. Once at the nursery the orphans have an excellent chance of survival. Rhino are tough animals and can recover quickly if given proper care.

By becoming a foster parent you are enabling us to continue improving the lives of rhinos like Max and other displaced or injured animals, and to protect the habitats of their wild counterparts

For just £24.95* you can adopt Max for one year.

Packs will be despatched within 10 working days of receipt of order.

*plus P&P

Adopt Max
Adopt Max After six years at the orphanage, Shida the rhino has now completed the final stage of his rehabilitation and spends most of his time now living wild in Tsavo National Park. Getting him to this point .. Read more ...

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