Badger Cull Protests

Care for the Wild is totally opposed to the badger cull which took place in the UK in 2013, and is due to be rolled out across the country in 2014. We have helped organise peaceful local badger cull protests around the country, and will continue to do so.

To find out why we’re opposed to the cull, see our badger cull facts.

If you are opposed to the UK badger cull, there are various ways you can take action:

  • Organise or take part in a local protest
  • Organise or sign a local petition to stop your council from culling badgers
  • Tell your MP what you think
  • Write to your local newspaper

Exclusive! New Campaign Materials

Why the Badger Cull is Missing the Target 1Badger badge

Our new leaflet, Why the Badger Cull is MIssing the Target, sets out why it is the bTB testing – not badgers – which is leading to cattle getting sick. Read more here about Why the Badger Cull is Missing the Target.

Our new pin badges are stunning and can be worn by anyone with a love for badgers. If you’re planning a protest or an event and you’d like to share our leaflets and badges, please email and tell us how many you need! We’ll send them out to you for free.

Badger Cull Protests – Latest News

The friendly but determined #badgerarmy protests in Manchester, 2013

Patrolling the Badger Cull Zones

Many people from all walks of life are offering their time to join peaceful ‘badger patrols’ in the Somerset and Gloucestershire cull zones. If you can spare even one night to help save the lives of badgers, please contact the appropriate organisations below:

  • Somerset Badger Patrol
  • Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting

Next Marches:

Can you join our friendly but determined #badgerarmy? Anti-cull events being supported by Care for the Wild are taking place around the country, most with our Policy Advisor Dominic Dyer as key speaker. Here’s a list of the next badger cull protests.

  • Birmingham Wildlife Festival and Badger March, Centenary Square, Saturday 21st February 2015. Hosted by West Midlands Badger Group. Fun day with music, stalls and speeches followed by peaceful protest outside the National Farmers Union annual conference. Starts 11am, march starts 1pm, finishes 4pm.
  • See our Badger Cull Protests Archive for reports/pictures of previous marches


Great turn out, and fantastic to see the BBC’s Chris Packham turning out and making a speech. Watch a news report of the march here:

Oxford March

Another great turn-out on Saturday October 25th in Oxford for our 26th #Badgerarmy peaceful protest. Enjoy the pictures!

Badger Cull Campaign Packs

If you want to start your own local peaceful protest against the cull, we’ll provide you with a pack including badges, posters and advice on gaining media coverage. Email us at [email protected] to request one.

Local Council Petitions

Petitions are springing up around the country to get local authorities to ban the badger cull on their land. We are helping fund the work of our friends at B-R-A-V-E to compile a list of current and future petitions (below).

Please go to the B-R-A-V-E Operation Badger page  to sign your local petition, and if you want to start one in an area not listed below, contact them at http://www.b-r-a-v-e.co.uk and click on Join Us.


  • There are now 134 current petitions available to sign
  • 6 more petitions have been submitted and are awaiting council action before going live
  • Another 13 petitions are in process of being submitted
  • Discussions about setting up petitions have taken place in another 100+ areas!

Learn the Facts

10 Things You’ve Heard About the Badger Cull….and Why They’re Wrong! Print this out and give it to anyone who you think is pro-cull, or to anyone that doesn’t understand the reality of this pointless cull.

Contact your MP

Do you know if your MP supports or opposes the badger cull? There’s an easy way to find out – drop them an email. It only takes a minute – but your opinion could be enough to change someone’s mind. You can do it here through Writetothem.com.

If you wanted, you could send them Team Badger’s Backing Badgers – Why the Cull Will Fail document, which lays out the scientific case against the cull, and de-bunks many of the myths spread by those supporting the cull.

Write to your local Paper

Whether or not the cull is coming to your area, we need to keep making the public aware of what an inhumane, unscientific policy the badger cull is. A simple letter or email to your local newspaper(s) will help to keep the cull in people’s minds.


We’ve been working very hard to fight this badger cull. If you are able to support us with a donation to help our work, it will make a big difference. Thank you.

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