Teaming Up with Team Badger

Public Awareness

We joined Brian May and friends in London to launch the Team Badger – Stop the Cull Billboard – this is on the A4 near Earls Court and is Clear Channels prime flagship sight – 130,000 vehicles pass by in each direction – every day!

We’ve been supporting the Team Badger eGovt Petition, raising press awareness of it and promoting it via our eAlerts. Our original target was a massive 100,000, which would force a debate in Parliament and we’re pleased to say that within just two weeks, thanks to massive public support we hit that figure! Thank you to all who signed, but if you haven’t please click below – tell you family and friends about it to. Next stop – 1 million. We must be heard.

Sign the petition now! You can still make a difference!

The Team Badger Billboard – See it on the A4, Earls Court, London

About Team Badger

Team Badger is a coalition of national, local and grass roots animal welfare organisations representing millions of compassionate citizens. We reject the government’s policy of badger culling as unsound, unscientific and unacceptable.

We believe the most effective and legitimate way to oppose the shooting of badgers is through peaceful and legal protest supported by reasoned argument, scientific facts and legal challenge.

We are convinced that the long-term control of tuberculosis in cattle can be achieved by the comprehensive application of a range of measures without resorting to the culling of wildlife. You can read more at the Team Badger website here.

A thank you from Brian May:



We recently met with the National Trust, along with Brian May, the Humane Society International and the RSPCA amongst others to discuss their stance on the cull on their land. At the moment they are sitting on the fence and we want to change that – their position is that their farmer tenants can decide. We want a stronger, clearer stance – their membership pays a subscription as they love nature. We will be following this up at their AGM shortly.

Care for the Wild in partnership with HSI, on behalf of Team Badger, have been pushing the Soil Association for a meeting and finally have discussed the issues of the cull from their suppliers with their CEO. We feel people who buy organic demand higher welfare and we want them to say no to the cull. They already openly prefer a system of vaccination and are against the cull, but will not force their suppliers to say no to the cull. We will continue to push them for a stance on this and continue to raise public awareness of this issue.

You can read the feature in the Telegraph where Dominic Dyer from Care for the Wild talks about the issues here.

Visit the Team Badger Website