Rhino Run: Max’s Great Escape

In the early hours of an African morning recently, Care for the Wild adoption rhino Max played ‘Houdini’ by mysteriously disappearing from his enclosure!

Somehow the bolt on his stockade had come loose – and all that our gentle giant Max needed to do was to lean his weight on the side door to let it swing oven.

Brought in as a youngster Max was born blind and found orphaned – the team knew without a mother he would not survive long in the wild and so with Care for the Wild foster parents’ support he is looked after in the Nairobi Nursery.

Whilst Max may have lost his sight he has an exceptional sense of smell – something his keepers know only too well. On the discovery of his escape at daybreak, the team cleverly used his dung as a familiar scent to guide him back home to his stockade where he was treated to a bottle of milk and some delicious bananas.

See how the team got on herding our gentle adventurer, Max, back into his home!

Bringing Max the Rhino home!

Care for the Wild have worked with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for over 25 years to support the rescue and rehabilitation of numerous orphaned elephants back into the wild and support the long term care for rhino Max through our rhino and elephant adoptions.  This is just one of our ‘tales from the bush’ on the adventures of the orphans at the wonderful Kenya centre that we keep our foster parents updated on throughout the year.

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