Walk on the Wild Side

The problem of poaching in Kenya, and other African countries, is an awful one. For many years, people have looked for solutions and done what they can to help. Here at Care for the Wild, we’ve been working hard on the ground through our Kenyan team to remove thousands upon thousands of snares, saving the lives of countless animals.

But the poaching of animals in Africa is the symptom of a disease that starts, unfortunately, in Asia. The demand for ivory, rhino horn and lion body parts is seemingly insatiable, so it’s there, as well as in Africa, that we must be focussing our efforts.

Awareness is vital. In a survey in China last year, more than half of respondents said they didn’t think elephant poaching was common, and two thirds said they didn’t know rhino horn came from poached rhinos. Getting the message to the people of countries like China and Vietnam is vital, as change won’t come unless the people care.

So on that note, it’s great to see some well-known people putting their best foot forward to help the cause! Organised by Asgar Pathan, Director of Care for the Wild Kenya, the Walk for Wildlife takes place in June, and features a gruelling 650km trek from Arusha in Tanzania and ending in the Marai Mara park.

Taking part in the walk will be Raabia Hawa, a Kenyan personality and journalist who is known throughout Asia, and Dr Asuka Takita, CEO of the Japanese Anti Ivory NGO “Tears of the African Elephants.

Joining them for some of the challenge will be Saba Douglas-Hamilton and Jackson Looseiya, both known for their work on the BBC’s Big Cat Diary.

Although this will involve walking in a national park, it certainly won’t be a walk in the park! So good luck to those taking part!

Care for the Wild is supporting them for a challenge which could really make a difference to the way people in Asia see this problem. If you’d like to support them too, please consider making a donation here. Or UK residents can donate by texting Azzy13 to 70070.