Make Friends With Animal Friends Insurance!

Care for the Wild is delighted to be teaming up with Animal Friends Insurance, an ethical pet insurance company who are keen to offer our supporters a wide range of pet insurance policies and, at the same time, help us rescue, protect and defend vulnerable and endangered wildlife species.

Animal Friends will pay Care for the Wild a commission on any pet insurance taken out via this link, just click on the image below to find out more information:

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Animal Friends’ friendly aims…

Animal Friends is one of the UK’s leading pet insurance specialists. Founded by Elaine Fairfax in 1998, the sole aim was to provide pet insurance as a means to help support animal welfare charities worldwide. Their ethos, aims and values have enabled them to become one of the UK’s top 5 pet insurance providers.

By working with charities and supporting worthy animal welfare projects worldwide, Animal Friends help improve the lives of animals; combat animal abuse and cruelty; assist in the protection of rare and endangered species; help conserve unique and vital habitats and assist local communities to protect and value their heritage.

Animal Friends is committed to providing competitive pet insurance and excellent customer service whilst helping to save animals all over the world.

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