30 Years on…why we must keep fighting


We’ve been caring for wildlife for 30 years and with your help we have achieved an enormous amount during that time, but now wildlife needs our help more than ever – to protect and sustain populations, counter wildlife crime, expose exploitation and campaign for, and on behalf of, wildlife species in need.

The organised crime syndicates we are confronting today operate on a massive scale and poaching and smuggling is having a catastrophic effect on wildlife species around the world – pachyderms to pangolins, slow lorises to lions. They need our continued support.

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Big Cats


Thousands of big cats are killed each year for their body parts or as trophies for the affluent and uncaring. Demand for phony medicines and status symbols continues to escalate, forcing wild tigers and lions to the brink of extinction.

Help us to strengthen law enforcement, train rangers to apprehend poachers and fund conservation awareness programmes in local communities.


Illegal Wildlife Trade

ivorywebOne elephant is being slaughtered for its ivory every fifteen minutes – for the sake of a trinket or chop-stick. Rhinos are killed for their horn as a ‘cure’ for hangovers and cancer. Meanwhile, profits from the illegal wildlife trade fund warlords and terrorists.

Help us to stop this killing by providing rangers with specialist training and the transportation and communication equipment they so desperately need.



violetwebDeforestation and habitat destruction is having a devastating effect on orangutans, gibbons, slow lorises and many other primates. If that wasn’t enough, countless primates are snatched from the wild each day for the pet or tourist trade, Many do not survive the ordeal.

Help us to provide food, shelter and veterinary care to rehabilitate primates back into the wild where they belong.



British Wildlife

HHwebEach year, thousands of birds and mammals are found orphaned or injured in our towns and countryside. Small and vulnerable, these creatures need our constant support until they are ready to be returned to the wild.

Help us to be there, to rescue, provide food, shelter and specialist loving are to our native wildlife.




SLwebMillions of animals around the world are abused, exploited and killed in the name of tourism. Few appreciate what an animal has to endure each and every day for the sake of a photo, a trek or just to perform for us.

Help us to educate and advise travellers and the travel industry how to keep their trips animal friendly through our RIGHT-tourism campaign.




dominicdyerToo many wildlife species are seen as expendable, a commodity to be exploited. They have no voice and are defenceless against misinformed policy and illegal practise, with few people willing to stand up and protect them and the habitats in which they thrive.

Helps us to be the voice for vulnerable wildlife in the media, in Parliament and across the country, driving awareness of the issues facing wildlife today.


Can you help us save them?

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