Slow Lorises are Clinging On for their Lives – Can You Help?

Despite legal protection, slow lorises are facing a new threat.… from holidaymakers, just like us.

The alarming fact is, across South East Asia, slow lorises are being seized from the wild in vast numbers for the photo prop trade, just to give tourists the chance of a ‘once in a lifetime’ photo.

Numbers are declining drastically, and lorises desperately need your help – before it is too late.


You can help us stop this – please text SLOW13 £5 to 70070 or donate by clicking here.

To download the full appeal letter, please click here, or read below to learn more.

The Truth Behind the Lens: Don’t be Fooled….

In 2007, thanks to your incredible support, Care for the Wild was successful in getting the slow loris uplisted to Appendix 1 at CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), meaning greater protection through a global ban in international trade. Sadly, little more than five years on, the lorises are yet again in danger and they need us once more.

Lorises are purely used as income driving tools – they aren’t loved as pets and there is no ‘bond’ between owner and animal. The industry is lucrative and run by organised criminal gangs, not individual owners.

Lorises out of the wild are not as relaxed and happy as they may appear – they have a defence mechanism that makes them freeze, thus seeming very docile when they are under extreme stress. You may think that one quick photo won’t hurt, but it will – every photo is directly contributing to the issue, as each and every picture taken keeps the industry alive. A quick snapshot for you means a lifetime of suffering for them.

Lorises Need Your Help. PLEASE ACT NOW!

The reality of the photo prop industry is brutal and it’s a hidden journey from tree to terror. It is estimated that for every wild animal caught and sold for the photo prop or pet trade, up to fifty die in the process.

Young lorises are snatched from their natural habitat, traumatised and distressed they are then transported in terrible conditions and kept in squalor until they are openly sold in ‘exotic animal’ marketplaces.

Their teeth are unceremoniously ripped out to stop them biting or using venom on their new owners, who then parade them around busy bar areas, hotel lobbies, and beaches, enticing unwitting tourists to take the ‘perfect Facebook photo’.

Lorises are nocturnal creatures, slow and silent in the wild. The bright neon bar lights damage their sensitive eyes – designed only for darkness.

The loud music punishes their tiny ears and the constant man-handling by tourists causes stress and anxiety.

No Photos Please!

Care for the Wild wants to put an end to this despicable trade – it’s time to say ‘No Photos Please’. Under our RIGHT-tourism banner we will:

  • Campaign vigorously for better enforcement in areas where photo prop animals are most commonly found
  • Support local sanctuaries now overwhelmed with lorises needing their immediate help
  • Work with the tourism industry and tourists at home and abroad to end this cruelty

If tourists stop paying, the industry and demand for the lorises is quashed. And not just lorises – your gift will also help us to raise awareness of the exploitation of other wild animals in photo prop situations such as gibbons, tigers, lions and elephants. Exposing the cruel suffering of wildlife at the hands of this terrible industry will help to kill the trade and save the loris and other wildlife from a lifetime of misery. But, we cannot do this without you.

Thank you sincerely for your support, we know that we ask a lot of you and we deeply appreciate your help. Together we will do all we can to stop this trade and ensure lorises, and other wild animals, stay safe in their natural habitat.

Thank you,

Philip Mansbridge,

Chief Executive Officer

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Find out more about our work to end animal exploitation in tourism at www.RIGHT-tourism.org

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