Our Wildlife Rangers are the unsung heroes of the bloody poaching wars. They need your help.


Wildlife poaching has become a multibillion pound business, accelerated by a sophisticated criminal underworld, driven purely by profit to supply a seemingly insatiable demand for ivory, rhino horn, tiger products and more.

Our image of the poacher as a local opportunist, simply trying to feed his family, is rapidly changing. Today poaching isn’t about poverty and survival – it’s about criminal networks, automatic weapons, night-vision goggles and satellite phones, all to make a quick kill and huge profit. Poaching breeds criminality, supports corruption and funds violence and terrorism. Elephants, rhinos, lions and tigers are all in the line of fire.

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Care for the Wild’s Wildlife Heroes:

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Day in, day out, our rangers give their all to protect wildlife

Across Africa and Asia we are fighting an enemy that seemingly cares nothing for the laws in place to protect wildlife and little for the rangers who, day after day, risk their lives protecting the animals we all care so deeply about.

The illegal poaching and trafficking of wildlife is an ecological and moral disaster that has the world’s politicians, government officials and conservationists desperate to combat it. Never before have we seen killings so brutal and on such an unprecedented scale. The catastrophic effect of this poaching on wildlife populations means that for many of our most iconic species, extinction is now a very real possibility.

With criminal activity on this scale, the knock-on effects are massive. Poaching like this requires an international effort to stop it. With your support, Care for the Wild has been campaigning and lobbying hard for more action and greater funding for the fight against wildlife crime.

With your help we can make a difference…

eleappCare for the Wild is determined that the projects we fund offer the best possible protection to wildlife, our wildlife rangers and our anti-poaching teams. As well as a fair wage, meals and health care, we also help fund vehicles, armed protection and reliable communication systems. In addition we actively support combat and law enforcement training so that our rangers have the best possible chance of staying safe whilst apprehending poachers and saving wildlife.

But we want to do more. We must do more. With your additional support we can expand our wildlife protection work into new regions across Africa and Asia.

Our Wildlife Rangers are the hope between survival and extinction.

I know we ask a lot of our supporters and I cannot thank you enough for the money you so generously give. We do not always have the means to fight ‘fire with fire’, but with an increased on the ground presence, well trained and well equipped teams, coupled with our continued high level campaigning and lobbying and your support, we will win this battle.

With warmest wishes and my sincere thanks as always.

Philip Mansbridge

Chief Executive Officer

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