Last Chance for Elephants Appeal

Some estimates now suggest that around 40,000 elephants are being killed across Africa each year. That is five per hour. Every hour. Every Day.

Now really is the last chance for elephants.

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Please see below for a personal message from Care for the Wild’ s CEO, Philip Mansbridge.

Last Chance for Elephants Appeal

It is with sad news that I write to you to tell you that the elephant killing crisis across Africa has reached an unprecedented high and now looks set to wipe out our beloved elephants from the planet in as little as 20 years. Some reports are now suggesting that up to 40,000 elephants are being killed for their tusks each year in Africa alone. That is almost five per hour, every hour, every day.

Each and every day I receive email and telephone updates from the field from a network of my specialist contacts from around the world, updating me on wildlife issues and crimes that have taken place. It makes for very difficult reading. Here are just some headlines from the emails I have received in the last five days:

  • Ivory seizure made in Hong Kong port of 1,148 tusks that had arrived from the Congo marked as wooden planks. This follows two recent seizures weighing over 1,300kg (equivalent to over 100 elephants) and the biggest seizure on record last October in Hong Kong of over 3 tonnes of ivory.
  • New report shows that warlord Joseph Kony of the Lords Resistance Army is using poached ivory to fund weaponry and ammunition
  • Two Kenyan Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers killed by elephant poachers whilst on anti-poaching patrols, one in a pre-planned ranger ambush
  • New report shows that poached ivory is funding up to 40% of total operating costs for Somalian group the Al Shabaab Militia, recognised internationally as a terrorist group
  • Police in Togo have seized 700kg of ivory in a shop in the capital city of Lome

All of this is within just a few days, and recently it has been like this week in week out.

As you will know, Care for the Wild is actively fighting to stop the killing. For many years we have been running anti-poaching patrols in key elephant risk areas (recently doubled thanks to the kind support of our donors). In addition, we have given over £1 million in support of rescuing and rehabilitating elephant orphans back to the wild. To tackle the issue not just for now, but for the future too, we are just about to start our first two Young Wildlife Ambassador programmes in Kenya, working with children in poaching hotspots to ensure they become future custodians of wildlife rather than future poachers.

Alongside all of this, we campaign and lobby hard for more international aid, recently helping to secure a landmark commitment from G8 leaders to commit vital funds to help tackle the illegal wildlife trade. This was following a high level behind the scenes political campaign led by us.

But right now, this just isn’t enough. That’s why I want to let you be the first to know about our new urgent appeal that we have just launched, our Last Chance for Elephants appeal.

Our last chance funds will help to protect elephants in their native lands by helping to tackle the dangers they face locally and internationally. With your help we will fund additional anti-poaching patrols in the parts of Africa most at risk of poaching, support far reaching consumer-state education programs, and follow on from our success at the G8 by lobbying extensively to gather more international support and funding to stop this crisis. We have also developed a variety of alternative income streams that help stop habitat destruction, help reduce poaching and give local people a viable and sustainable alternative to getting involved in poaching. With your support we can make these happen.

You can read an email just in from Asgar, our Kenyan Director in the field here. Just like the rest of the news in my inbox, this makes for difficult reading, but I wanted to share it as it comes straight from the front line.

This is a personal request for your help. We cannot do this alone and we cannot sit by and watch this tragedy unfold before our eyes. It’s not too late to save the mighty elephant from extinction in the wild. We are a small team but we are dedicated and committed, and we get results. If you can help, please do.

Thank you sincerely.

Philip Mansbridge

Chief Executive Officer

PS. I know we ask a lot of you, but any gift you give will be truly appreciated and will help to save the elephant.

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