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Weather Lottery
Weather Lottery
Please support our lottery
About Our Lottery

Following in the footsteps of charities such as 'Age Concern' and 'The Red Cross' Care for the Wild International (CWI) has embarked on a new scheme to help raise funds, which is an all round winner!

The great thing about The Weather Lottery is you don't share a jackpot. If you Match 6 numbers you get £10,000, if anyone else has the same numbers as you they also get £10,000. This is possible because we've joined with other Charities, Sporting Clubs, Schools, and Societies, with all the prize money held in trust. The prizes are guaranteed by prize insurance arranged by the Weather Lottery PLC.

A simple form allows you to choose 6 numbers between 0 - 9 for a line. Each line costs £1 a week; you can have up to 3 lines a week. Each line is entered into a daily draw Monday to Friday, therefore you get five chances a week for your £1.

The winning numbers are obtained by taking the last digit of the temperature in Fahrenheit, in six world cities, Corfu, Istanbul, Tenerife, Innsbruck, Edinburgh and Stockholm as reported each day Monday to Friday in The Daily Telegraph. (That's why its called "The Weather Lottery")

Match 3 win £2 Match 4 win £20 Match 5 win £200 Match 6 Win £10,000

The six world destinations are constant and do not change. Your 1st number is always matched against Corfu; your second number is always matched against Istanbul etc.

35% of the funding goes directly to CWI, 45% goes to the provision of prizes and the insurance premium, which covers the £200 and £10,000 wins. The Weather Lottery PLC supplies all the forms and does all the administration of the lottery apart from finding participants; this is totally cost and risk free to CWI.

It is simple, there's no hidden catch, and costs as little as 20 pence per day to enter with a convenient monthly standing order mandate - meaning no last minute dashes to the newsagents! You don't even have to check the numbers yourself as you're notified automatically when you're a winner! If you want to check your numbers then you can always use the web site, the Daily Telegraph or by ringing The Weather Lottery on 0113 203 1300.

You can get an application form from CWI (01306 627900), or you can Download one online

Just Click Here print it out fill it in, and send it to Lottery Service Providers, Freepost NEA 12220, LEEDS, LS6 6YY

Download Your Form

Achievable Targets

HELP US Get 5000 people playing our lottery it will make a real difference. Join in and tell all your friends.

To summarise:
  • It only costs £1 per week
  • You have the chance to win £10,000 every day, Monday to Friday
  • Three correct numbers wins you £2
  • Four numbers wins £20
  • Five numbers wins £200
  • Six numbers wins £10,000
  • Winners are notified automatically by post
  • All the prize money is guaranteed
  • No collectors are asking for money every week; everything is sorted out by Standing Order at £4.34 per calendar month per line (52 weeks a year at £1 % 12 months)
  • Entry is open to everyone over 18
More information on the lottery can be found at

Thank you for your support, BEST OF LUCK!

Lottery Licence No.: 000-004720-C-100510-003
Promoter: Mr G Young Licencing authority: Horsham and District Council
Lottery Rules

Approved and Certified by the Gambling Commission


Legal Notices
The Society is registered with the Authority to conduct lotteries. The Promoter is the individual nominated by the Society to promote the Weather Lottery plc lottery. All Weather Lottery plc lotteries conducted by the Promoter are promoted by him in accordance with Section 5 of the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976 (as amended) and are conducted for the benefit of the Society. The total number of Weather Lottery plc lotteries intended to be promoted by the Promoter during any period of 12 months shall be a maximum of 260. The maximum proportion of the whole proceeds of each Weather Lottery plc lottery apportioned for the provisions of prizes in that lottery shall be 45%. Members and officers of the Authority are not precluded from playing. The Society, through the Promoter, is solely responsible for the promotion and management of the Society’s Weather Lottery plc lotteries. Lottery Service Providers Limited, the lottery services provider as agent of the Promoter and the Society, is not itself a promoter. Please post all enquiries relating to the Weather Lottery plc (together with an SAE) to the Promoter c/o Lottery Service Providers Limited, 24 St Michaels Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3AW.

1. Rules
The terms and conditions, instructions, information and rules on all Weather Lottery plc lottery leaflets or notices and other materials produced by or on behalf of the Promoter form part of the Full Rules, provided that, in the event of a conflict of interpretation, the provisions herein set out shall prevail. The submission of a Weather Lottery plc application form for processing implies acceptance of these Full Rules and to their interpretation under UK law and exclusively by the UK courts. Decisions by or on behalf of the Promoter in the exercise or interpretation of any of the Promoter’s rights or discretions in connection with the Full Rules, shall be final and binding.

2. Eligibility
Applications must be by players aged 16 years or over and on a Weather Lottery plc form or leaflet in current issue and produced for the Promoter and the Society (“Application Form”). No application will be processed unless full payment for a minimum playing period is received in cleared funds and the Promoter and its agents are otherwise satisfied that the FullRules have been (and can continue to be) complied with.

3. Application Forms
No application is deemed to have been accepted unless and until players have submitted a valid, legible and properly completed Application Form; payment has been received in cleared funds for the full amount (and by one of the methods) stipulated on the application form; and the later of the date on which written confirmation of acceptance has been posted to players by the Promoter or its agents and 10 days after the date of receipt by the promoter of an application form. The Promoter may reject any application without giving a reason, therefore, at its absolute discretion.

4. The Weather Lottery plc Lotteries
The Promoter will endeavour to conduct a Weather Lottery plc lottery on every qualifying day. A qualifying day is any day other than a Saturday or Sunday (except for a reserve day which shall be a qualifying day) or any other day which precedes a day on which the Promoter’s selected newspaper is not published. A reserve day is the weekend day (being a weekend day immediately preceding a day on which the selected newspaper is published) immediately following a non-qualifying day (other than a weekend day). The selected newspaper shall be “The Daily Telegraph” or such other newspaper as the Promoter may (at his discretion) select from time to time (and which publishes daily information on temperatures in world cities based on information provided by the UK Meteorological Office). The Promoter will check the Fahrenheit temperatures published in the selected newspaper on the day immediately following the day of each Weather Lottery plc lottery. The winning numbers shall be the last published digit taken from the highest temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit for each relevant city (being one of the six cities (or other locations) printed on the Application Form – Corfu, Istanbul, Tenerife, Innsbruck, Edinburgh, Stockholm.) In the event that one or more of the six cities chosen are not printed in the selected newspaper, back up cities will be used. The recorded temperature refers to the preceding day and not the day of the draw. In the event of any disparity between the temperatures published by the selected newspaper and the Met Office, the temperatures in the selected newspaper shall prevail.

5. Subscriptions
Subscriptions can be made using the entry form for a fixed period encompassing 4 weeks, monthly, or 13 weeks (“Playing Period”) with an option for players to elect for automatic renewal of consecutive Playing Periods without notice where players have paid for the first playing period by a permitted payment method which enables the Promoter to automatically raise renewal charge(s) without being required to give player further notice. Players wishing to buy chances for any other period (from one daily chance at 20p upwards) should apply to the Promoter in writing. Once payment has been received and an application accepted the contract is not liable to cancellation or early termination before the end of the playing period. Monies will be held by the Promoter or the Society or their respective agents on account of each Weather Lottery plc lottery during the playing period and will be applied in advance and automatically on each player’s behalf. The amount of each installment for a lottery shall be calculated by reference to the daily rate for each set of numbers entered, as advertised on the Application Form.

6. Prizes
Prizes are as published on the Weather Lottery plc Application Form. There are no alternatives for any prize and no interest is payable on any prize. There is a limit of one prize per entry which will be the highest possible prize awardable for the applicable entry. The award of any prize is dependent on players having complied with the Full Rules.

7. Despatch of Prizes
Subject to the Promoter and his agents being satisfied that the Full Rules have been complied with, prizes will be despatched automatically to each winner’s address as stated on the Application Form (including authorised amendments) within 28 days of the relevant lottery game. All prizes will be paid by means of cheque although the Promoter may elect to pay smaller prizes in cash. The Promoter shall not be obliged to accept any request to change an applicant’s address as printed on the application form, unless the request has been received at the Weather Lottery plc address printed on the application forms together with (i) a stamped SAE and (ii) proof of identity comprising a copy of either a driving license or passport and an original bank or building society statement (which will be returned with the acknowledgement of change of address). Written acknowledgement of acceptance or otherwise of the change of address request shall be despatched in the SAE within 7 days of receipt of the requisite documents at the Weather Lottery plc address as stated.

8. Responsibility of the Promoter and the Society
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law (but not otherwise) neither the Promoter nor the Society; its officers or employees or their respective agents shall be liable for any loss, damage or liability whatsoever occasioned by a player or prospective player arising in connection with the misproduction of any Weather Lottery plc application form or the misrecording of an applicant’s numbers, date or name and address, or the loss, theft or delayed receipt of an application form or any communication sent to or received by or on behalf of the Promoter including (but not limited to) a prize cheque or other payment.

9. Validity and Decisions
The Promoter may, without giving reason or notice, decline to accept an application; terminate or suspend the scheme or cancel an existing subscription in any of which events neither the Promoter nor the Society or their respective agents shall be liable to the applicant or subscriber for any actual or perceived loss, damage or liability thereby arising other than for the return of any monies held on account of future lotteries and the award of prizes for lotteries conducted prior to such termination or suspension of the scheme or cancellation of a subscription. The Promoter’s decisions required to be made pursuant to these Full Rules shall, once made, be final and binding. Save where the Full Rules expressly provide otherwise, the Promoter shall not be obliged to respond to or to enter into any correspondence.

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