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Let Compassion Be Your Legacy

Gifts in the wills of our supporters are a vital part of helping us make sure we are always in a position to be a voice for wild animals in need.

If you are making or altering a will, after you have provided for your loved ones, please consider CWI - you really could make a difference to wildlife worldwide.

CWI works to protect wildlife throughout the world from cruelty and exploitation. In the last year alone, we have saved animals from cruelty, suffering and death in over 20 countries. Because CWI relies entirely on donations, our charity's successes are also the successes of our supporters. Some situations need our long-term commitment, whilst others require us to react without delay to emergencies such as a fire, disease or poaching.

A legacy can help us plan for the future and react to unexpected crises. If you care for wildlife a legacy allows you to continue supporting one of your favourite causes. It would help us to make a genuine difference to the lives of wild animals in need.

For helpful and practical advice on how to make a Will, please contact our Legacy Officer on 01306 627900 (we do recommend you also consult your solicitor or other legal adviser when drawing up a will). You can also request further information online by using the link below.

Request more details.

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