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Support Groups

What is a Care for the Wild International Support Group?

Support Groups are groups of people who care about CWIs work and would like to raise funds to help us reach out to wild animals in distress across the globe.

Setting up or getting involved in a Support Group in your town or village is a fantastic way to have fun with your family and friends whilst helping a good cause. You might even discover new liked-minded friends.

Support Groups are vital in helping CWI raise much-needed funds and increase public awareness of the plight of wildlife worldwide.

What sort of things could a Support Group do?

We have a fundraising pack full of ideas, hints and tips. Here are just two to get you started:
Collections - Shaking those collection tins is a great way to raise funds and get people talking about CWI. For collections on privately owned premises such as supermarkets, shopping centres etc, you would need to ask the permission of the site owner. For collections in public places such as streets or house-to-house you would need to obtain a permit from the local authorities (we can help you with applications).
Stalls Why not hold a stall at your town/villages summer or Christmas fair?

Would we be expected to raise a certain amount or hold a set number of events?

No, the aim of Support Groups is for everyone to have fun and spread the word and the size and frequency of events would be entirely up to the group members.

What help would our group get from CWI?

Copies of our fundraising pack
Collection boxes
CWI t-shirts for your group members to wear
Advice and support from our staff about fundraising and attracting the attention of the media
Inclusion of Group events in the events calendar on our website, and photos and stories on the supporter page afterwards

How would I get the funds our group has raised to you?

You can either make a cheque payable to Care for the Wild International and send to us at the address below or call our Finance Department on 01306 627900 and they will let you have our bank account details so you can pay funds in directly.

How would I go about setting up a Support Group

Contact 01306 627900 or e-mail to let us know that you would like to set up a group. We will ask you to sign a short agreement setting out how you have agreed to voluntarily support CWI and what you can expect from us in return.

Then its as easy as asking your friends and family if they will help you or perhaps holding a small launch meeting in a local venue to attract like-minded people.

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