Care for the Wild – What We Do

We work passionately to help secure a world where the needs of wildlife are never an afterthought to the needs for growth, development, profit, sport or greed.

Care for the Wild International operates under three key areas:


We support the rescue of abandoned, injured, and orphaned wildlife, or wildlife that is being kept in inhumane conditions. We do this by full and part funding a network of approved wildlife sanctuaries or rescue centres, as well as supporting them with equipment such as veterinary, trapping equipment or vehicles. We also fund a variety of animals in permanent care through our adoption scheme.


We protect wildlife by supporting projects as above, by funding and staffing on the ground teams of anti-poaching and de-snaring patrols, as well as funding capital build projects such as new ranger stations in Africa. We also educate people in their own communities, at home and abroad to ensure a better understanding of wildlife and to try to eradicate human/wildlife conficts.


We defend wildlife through campaigning actively at home and overseas. We work with other key organisations through our projects and through coalitions and memberships, such as ENDCAP, the Ape Alliance and through CITES to regulate and limit trade in endangered wildlife internationally. Our campaigns have included Tesco Turtles, Badger Culling, Right Tourism, and Wild Animals in Circuses, to name just a few.

Care for the Wild: We Care