What is CatAid?

cat-aid-1 Lions and tigers are in serious danger. They need our help now. That’s why we called on the famous cats of the internet to help. Everyone loves watching cats on the internet, but until now, I bet you’d never heard them sing! CatAid is a supergroup of internet cats, brought together in the studio to help us raise awareness and raise much needed funds to help their big cat brothers and sisters, singing the world’s first cat charity single called: ‘If You Care, Care for the Wild.’ So, if you care, Care for the Wild.

The Facts About Big Cats

So, what’s the situation like for lions right now?lion

  • In the whole of West Africa there are just 250 lions left
  • Across the whole African continent they could be extinct in the wild in just 20 years.
  • Poaching for lion parts (for phoney medicinal use in Traditional Chinese Medicine) and trophy hunting is driving the decline

And for tigers?

  • There are only 3200 tigers left in the wild
  • Tigers could be extinct in the wild in just 30 years
  • Tigers are killed for their skins (to show status in some societies) and for their body parts (again – for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine)

How can I help save Big Cats?

cat-aid-2 There are so many ways that you can help big cats!

Or simply donate by pressing the button below.

Remember, please share our CatAid song far and wide on your Facebook and Twitter accounts and help make everyone aware of the issues that big cats are facing right now. Thanks for supporting CatAid

Learn More

We’ve been helping wildlife for 30 years, and big cats have always been high on our agenda. Here are just a selection of the projects that we support that help big cats in the wild. Click on any to find out more and see how your help makes a difference.

You can also read more about our campaign to stop tigers being exploited for tourism at Tiger Temple in Thailand here.