The UK is famously a nation of animal lovers. But, when we head off on holiday, do some of us leave our better judgement at home? Care for the Wild has launched a special website to help you make sure that your holidays are animal friendly.

Stop Press: our new RIGHT-tourism video!

Why RIGHT-tourism?

Particularly for those of who love animals, it may seem so tempting to snuggle up to a furry little tiger cub, gibbon or bear for a tourist photo. But would you be smiling if you knew the story behind the animal sharing your photo?

The truth is that millions of animals suffer each year as a result of the tourist industry.  Most people have no idea that their tourist money is perpetuating serious welfare and conservation problems, which is why it’s so important to raise public awareness of these issues.

Responsible, Informed, Guilt-free and Humane Tourism

Care for the Wild has launched a new and unique website, dedicated to providing animal welfare and conservation information on world travel. www.RIGHT-tourism.org offers you all the information you need to make informed decisions about where you go on holiday, and what you do when you’re away.

Using the website is quick and easy. Simply select your destination country and we will provide you with advice and information relevant to your holiday.

We only want to bring you the very best advice, so, Care for the Wild, has teamed up with expert charitable organisations so that you get information straight from the specialists.

We are really pleased to announce that already the Humane Society International and the League Against Cruel Sports have joined our campaign as supporting project partners.

Please help us to put a stop to the needless suffering and misuse of animals by the tourist industry by visiting www.RIGHT-tourism.org.