No Photos, Please! – Other Examples

The exploitation of animals as ‘photo-props’ is not just a problem for slow lorises in Thailand. As a tourist, you could be confronted by a photo-prop animal in a range of different ways, in many different countries. Here’s a few examples:

‘Tiger’ Temples and Lion ‘Sanctuaries’

Child with tiger at Tiger Temple There are many places that tourists can go to ‘interact’ with wild animals for photographs. These include the infamous Tiger Temple in Katchanaburi in Thailand, and ‘walking with lions’ attractions in South Africa. While these places appear to be ‘sanctuaries’, be aware that any place which intends to eventually release the animals into the wild will not allow the public to handle them.

Lion and Tiger Cubs in Cancun

Save the Cancun Lion CubsIt is currently legal in Mexico to use wild animals as photo-props, and this is a particularly common practice in popular tourist resorts like Cancun. Lion cubs and other baby ‘big cats’ are used to lure tourists to part with cash for a photo. The reality for the animals is a traumatic one, most likely taken from their mother at a young age, transported to Mexico, de-clawed and kept in barren cages. The future for them is bleak also, once they are no longer young enough to be used in this way. Care for the Wild has teamed up with Faada and Born Free to ask the Mexican government to abolish this practice. Our petition reached over 7000 signatures before being delivered..

From Dancing Bears to Snakes in a Basket

To read more about the different issues highlighted here, or to read specific advice for every country in the world, go to our RIGHT-tourism website.

Photographs reproduced with thanks to:

  • Born Free Foundation
  • Faada
  • Lynn Waddell
  • Samantha Boston
  • Petra Osterberg