Everyone of us can help save endangered species

We’ve launched our ‘Names’ campaign because we feel that it is important to understand that each and everyone of us can make a real difference. Just by visiting this page, you’ve already shown that you want to do more and you want to get involved.

Ways to help – Make your voice heard

Poaching is at all time highs and the world’s wildlife is being decimated. On average, up to 1000 elephants per day are being slaughtered for their tusks, lions and tigers face extinction in the wild, and rhino poaching has gone up by over 5000% in the last few years. We’re lobbying for world leader’s of the richest nations to do more.

We know that large scale poaching is much more than it used to be – it’s no longer local people with primitive weaponry. It is organised, large scale criminal gangs controlling poaching and it is now officially recognised that the illegal wildlife trade is worth around $20b per year – second only to drugs. We know that where there are criminal gangs of this scale, money feeds back into these gangs and the criminal underworld. Poaching currently destroys livelihoods, tears apart communities, and helps fund civil wars and warlords across Africa and beyond. The stakes have changed and the way that the international governments assist needs to change to. Please download our letter and send or email it to William Hague on:

Rt. Hon. William Hague MP
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London, SW1A 2AH

[email protected]

Download the letter here.

Ways to help – Donate

We work tireleslly to rescue, protect and defend wildlife in need around the world. We care passionately that your donations are well spent and always aim to fully maximise their impact. Our work is class leading and innovative, from running anti-poaching patrols on the front line of the poaching battle in Africa, to driving change through lobbying MPs and raising public awareness of the issues through the media. Quite simply we cannot do any of this without your kind donations.

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Ways to help – Adopt

We offer a range of wildlife adoptions that make great gifts for you or your family and friends. Each one allows us to support a range of projects, from our tiger protection teams with Wildlife Trust of India, to our support of orphaned elephants and rhinos, who have lost their mother’s to poaching. We also support marine mammal and polar bear research, various wildlife sanctuaries and much more.

To adopt and find out more, click here.