Rhino Cab

Rhinos are in imminent danger. Record numbers are being poached – around two a day are now dying in South Africa. Poaching, fuelled by a demand in Asia, particularly Vietnam, for the horn which people believe has medicinal properties, is pushing this iconic species towards extinction.

One startling fact: there will soon be more cabs in London than rhinos in the wild. This is a horrifying thought.

To highlight their plight, Care for the Wild decided to call in Rhino Cab. As you can see, Rhino Cab is a cab – made to look like a rhino! Though poignantly, even our Rhino Cab is missing its horn (we mean the one on its nose, not the one that goes ‘beep’ – we weren’t allowed to do that).

Rhino Cab will be driving around London until around April 2014, so we hope that literally millions of people will see her – and get the message:


Rhino Cab can be found on Twitter at #rhinocab – if you spot her, please tell us where! And if you get the chance to take a photo, send it to us – we’ll be running a Spot the Rhino Cab competition, with prizes.

And if you want to support our work with rhinos and other wildlife, please text HORN33 £3 to 70070, or click here.