Urgent – Whaling has resumed in Iceland

Following the announcement recently that commercial whaling has resumed in Iceland, we’re asking supporters to vote with their feet – and their wallets and say no to Iceland!

We’ve published an opinion piece on the Huffington Post outlining why we, and our supporters, should boycott visiting Iceland until the new licence is revoked, and we’ve written to the Prime Minister to make our views heard.

You can read the full opinion piece here.

You can view the letter we’ve sent to the Prime Minister here.


Extract: “For me it is simple – tourism is worth lots of money to Iceland, commercial whaling is uneconomic and inhumane, and this to all intents and purposes is an easy operation to close down. The tourist industry of Iceland has itself already come out to say whales are worth more alive than dead. Tourists need to say no, they need to vote with their feet (which fortunately tend to be not too far from their purses or wallets) and not book a trip to Iceland until the licenses are revoked.”

Take Action

If you’re concerned, like us, about whaling in Iceland, please spend just a few minutes to email the Prime Minister of Iceland and the Ministry of Fishing and Agriculture to make your views heard – tell them that you won’t be visiting their country until they stop this cruel and uneconomic whaling. UK tourists are the largest group visiting Iceland, and tourism accounts for at least 6% of GDP, so it’s big business. Sometimes money talks, and we think Iceland will listen if this hits their bottom line.


  • Prime Minister – Mr. Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson:
  • Copy In: Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture: