Established in 1984, Care for the Wild has been working for the benefit of wild animals and habitats around the world for 30 years. Our activities can be divided into three main areas:

Rescue: We provide treatment and rehabilitation for rescued animals in the UK and across the globe. For animals who are too sick or injured to return to the wild we provide a lifetime of compassionate care in approved and audited sanctuaries.

We do this by providing vital funds to pay for the rescue, sanctuary or rehabilitation of sick or orphaned animals, ranging from orangutans and elephants to bears and badgers and we support projects in the UK, Africa, Asia and Europe.


Protect: Working with specialists from around the world, we do our utmost to safeguard wild areas against poachers, hunters and other lethal threats. Examples of our work are the running of anti-poaching teams in Kenya, supporting tiger protection squads in India, and funding bear education programs in Europe.

We strongly believe that the best place for wildlife is in the wild, that’s why protecting animals in their own habitats is one of our main priorities. We provide practical help where it is most needed and aim to help reduce human/wildlife conflict.


Defend: We act as a voice for wildlife in need around the globe. By campaigning on their behalf, by highlighting the issues to public and governments, and by exposing cruel practices, we do all we can to stop exploitation of wildlife.We work to tackle abuse from trade, tourism, and from poor legislation and protection.

From lobbying at the highest levels, including our work within CITES, Parliament and the media, to grass roots protests and demonstrations, we ensure wildlife is always heard.