Projects throughout Africa

All of the projects we support are hand picked after careful consideration. We also audit all of our projects so we know that standards are being maintained and funds are being used effectively. In Africa we also run our own projects via Care for the Wild Kenya.

Africa Field Visit – Blog from the CEO

You can read the blog from our CEO’s time in Kenya visiting the Care for the Wild Kenyan projects and the other projects we support in the area. This includes visits to our projects in the Mara, Tsavo, our ranger station in Ithumba, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary and more.

You can read the full blog and see some more pictures here.



Care for the Wild Kenya

Care for the Wild works in Kenya promoting the conservation and welfare of wild animals and their habitat through anti-poaching activities, education, research and community based conservation.  With increasing levels of poaching throughout Africa, this vital work is the front line defence for wildlife populations.

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David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Care for the Wild works with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to support the care of orphaned elephant and rhino calves. Ivory and rhino horn poaching is growing to feed the illegal trade, threatening to wipe out these endangered vulnerable species.

Read more about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Project


Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Care for the Wild has worked with the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya, for many years – providing a safe haven to rescued chimpanzees. Threats from habitat destruction, poaching and disease are having a big impact on wild populations, recently estimated at less than 300,000.

Read more about our work with Sweetwaters


Painted Dog Conservation

Painted_Dog_180x180Care for the Wild has worked with Painted Dog Conservation for many years – funding a whole veterinary block to help treat painted dogs in urgent need. Painted dogs,also known as African wild dogs, are unique to Africa and they are among this continent’s most endangered species – with an estimated 3000-5000 remaining, our support is critical.

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thumbCare for the Wild is working with LionAid to develop an innovative project in Kenya to provide better protection for lions and to support local communities. Through the provision of “insurance” herds and boma protection equipment, we aim to minimise the number of attacks on livestock whilst offering sustainable community income.

Read more about our work with LionAid


Elephants for Africa

CheckingPooCare for the Wild has teamed up with Elephants for Africa to deliver a global conservation leadership program for youth in Botswana. The aim of the program is to build a citizenry that values live elephants as a natural resource and increase local capacity for innovation to deal with human-elephant conflict.

Read more about our work with Elephants for Africa