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Blog from the CEO – Africa Field Visit

Hi all, here you can find out what I’ve been up to day by day during my visit to our Care for the Wild projects and our project partners in Kenya. I’ll try to update as much as possible with day to day accounts and photos as I go. As I’m going to some remote places, some updates won’t be daily, so check back often to see what is going on.

Our work in Africa is vital and Asgar Pathan, our Kenyan Director works hard to ensure we do all we can to help wildlife in danger. I’ll be accompanied by Asgar for the whole trip, as well as Roland Witchsel, the Director of Care for the Wild Germany. Care for the Wild Germany is a voluntary run organisation, helping to raise awareness and fundraise for Kenyan work in Germany.

I hope you enjoy my blog! Just click on the links below to read the daily updates: