Projects throughout Asia

All of the projects we support are hand picked after careful consideration. We also audit all of our projects so we know that standards are being maintained and funds are being used effectively. Care for the Wild works extensively across Asia for the welfare of animals.

Orangutans in Sumatra

Care for the Wild works with the Orangutan Foundation to support the care of orphaned orangutans.  Less than 7,300 Sumatran orangutans remain in the wild making them critically endangered as they face growing threats from habitat loss and hunting.

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Wildlife in Thailand

Care for the Wild works with the Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand, supporting much of their rescue and rehabilitation work. This has included funding their mobile wildlife clinic, gibbon and bear rescue and rehabilitation, and the care of Meow, the tiger.

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Tigers in Cambodia

Care for the Wild works with the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre in Cambodia to support the care of an orphaned tiger. The illegal trade in tiger products threatens to wipe out this endangered species and is on the increase.

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Tiger Conservation in India

Care for the Wild works with the Wildlife Trust of India, protecting tigers and their prey from poachers, for both commercial purposes and subsistence. There are now thought to be less than 3,200 remaining in the wild.

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Orangutan Conservation Malaysia

webwardenCare for the Wild is working with HUTAN in Malaysia to sponsor a wildlife warden to protect orangutans and other unique wildlife in Sabah. The wetlands of the Kinabatangan floodplain in Eastern Sabah, are home to an orangutan population of around 1000 individuals.

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Tiger Prey Base Conservation India

Tiger_factsheet_thumbCare for the Wild is working with WPSI to fund an education and awareness program in the Simlipal Tiger Reserve to protect the tiger population’s prey base from ritualistic mass hunting. Simlipal is the fourth largest tiger reserve in India and home to approximately 23 tigers.

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Investigating Rhino Poaching India

sniffer dog unit

Working with Aaranyak, Care for the Wild has funded a sniffer dog unit to track rhino poachers and assist with their arrest in the Assam region of India. The greater one-horned rhino continues to face threats from poachers for its horn to be used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes.

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Macaque rehabilitation Indonesia

webJAANCare for the Wild has provided funding to assist the Jakarta Animal Aid Network in the rehabilitation of macaques rescued from the dancing monkey trade in Jakarta. Following a recent ban, these animals now have the chance at living wild once more.

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Tiger Conservation Thailand

webFFtigerCare for the Wild has been working with the Freeland Foundation in Thailand to monitor tiger populations and increase protection for their habitats through ranger training.

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Captive Elephant Welfare Nepal

WebAsEleCare for the Wild has funded a captive elephant welfare assessment in partnership with Animals Nepal to investigate the treatment of 45 captive elephants used in the tourist industry in Sauraha, Chitwan. The findings will support welfare interventions and educate tourists on the issues faced by elephants in tourism.

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