Projects throughout the UK

All of the projects we support are hand picked after careful consideration. We also audit all of our projects so we know that standards are being maintained and funds are being used effectively. As a UK based charity, we are proud to support UK wildlife.

British Wildlife

Care for the Wild works with wildlife rescue centres and sanctuaries in the United Kingdom supporting the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wild animals. Although most wildlife populations are not endangered, many species are under threat from habitat loss.

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Can you help us feed the animals we look after in Horsham?

We’ve always got hungry mouths to feed! Please:

  • Buy something from our Amazon Wishlist here
  • Drop something into our collection box at Gatley’s Pet Centre, next to Hilliers in Brighton Road, Horsham
  • Or directly to our office at 72 Brighton Road, Horsham, RH13 5BU (office hours only please)

Marine Mammals in Scotland

Care for the Wild works with the Cetacean Research and Rescue Unit, supporting their cetacean research and rescue. Current estimates suggest there are over 600,000 bottlenose dolphins in the wild however, coastal populations face increasing dangers from hunting, by-catch and habitat degradation.

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